November 16, 2020 Highway Clean-Up

The Davis Mts Resort VFD picked trash on our section of Highway 166,
Mile Marker 179-181.We had 8 volunteers this time.  Firemen Michael
Garcia, Terry Biegler, Sam House, Mercedes Gonzales, Cathy Gossett,
Fire chief Ken Gossett, our newest fireman Jan VanLiere, and firemen
Edna Queen.  It was extra trashy this time.  We had 3 full bags plus two
smaller bags of cans for recycling. Thank you to everyone who came out
to help. This is the last trash pick up for us for this year.  We will start a
new year in January.

Edna Queen - Highway trash pickup coordinator
Thanks to our volunteers for another successful highway trash pickup!
Ken Gossett - Chief
Feb. 17, 2020 Highway Clean-Up
Thanks to the members that
assisted with our May 2020
highway trash pickup.

Fire Chief Ken Gossett
May 27, 2020 Trash Pick Up
Per Maria LeJeune:
The beautiful black donkey with Ray is Barney. He is
really a gentle one and loves neck rubs.
                                    August 17, 2020 Highway Clean-Up

The DMRVFD Volunteers and firemen started out the morning with picking up trash on our section of highway
166. I had an amazing turn out of volunteers 15!  Plus the funny looking guy with Ray. Great cool morning.
Easy to social distance when you have 5 couples working together and the other 5 filling in where I needed
them. I will say it was extra trashy this time.  Per Edna
Highway 166 Trash Clean-Up
                                                 FEBRUARY 23, 2021 Trash Pick-Up

On Tuesday February 23, 2021, DMRVFD support team members and firemen got together to pick up trash on our section of Highway 166,
mile marker 179-181. Some of us met up at the fire station at 9:45, the rest met up at the mailboxes for 10 am.  We had 10 volunteers this time.
Sam House, Mercedes Gonzales, Cathy Gossett, Ken Gossett, Jan Van Liere, Rebecca Leach, Timothy Leach, Pam Edwards, Mariel Davis
and myself.

We had two very full bags left at the sign and 4 grocery bags of cans to take to the recycling. After so many days of cold it was nice to be out in
the sunshine and warmth.

Thank you,  
Edna Queen - Highway trash coordinator DMRVFD