DMRVFD Annual Meeting and Election

On Saturday, June 27, 2020, Firemen and Support Team members of the DMRVFD met and elected the DMRVFD
Board of Directors for the 2020 - 2021 year.  The meeting / election was held outside of the Fire Station and social
distancing was practiced. What a great group of volunteers.

July 3 - 5, 2020 Fire in the DMR

Click here for lots more photos by
Rebecca Leach, Tim & Beth McBroom & Edna Queen!
 August 16, 2020 Power Pole Lightning Strike in the DMR

The pole on 106 Yellowknife Trail was stuck by lightening and was on fire. The
rain has helped , it is smoldering now. Waiting for AEP to arrive. Power is out in
that area. Chief Gossett and firefighters Michael Garcia, Paul Conners, Edna
Queen and Kendrick Smith all were on the scene.

Photos by Edna Queen and Patricia Garcia
                                       August 17, 2020 Barrell Springs Fire   

On August 17, 2020, the DMRVFD got toned out to a fire on the Livermore Ranch. It actually it turned out that the fire
was on the Barrel Springs Ranch.  The DMRVFD assisted the Ft Davis VFD with the help of the Valentine VFD. Our
department also fed the firemen on site with the help of Marvin Voiers, Cathy Gossett, Mercedes Gonzalez, Rebecca
Leach and myself, Edna Queen.  500 acres had burned when we headed home. At least it was raining. As always
thank you Chief Gossett for your excellent leadership.   Edna Queen

Photos by Edna and Kendrick
August 17, 2020 Highway Trash Pick Up

The DMRVFD Volunteers and firemen started out the
morning with picking up trash on our section of highway
166. I had an amazing turn out of volunteers 15! Plus the
funny looking guy with Ray. Great cool morning. Easy to
social distance when you have 5 couples working together
and the other 5 filling in where I needed them. I will say it
was extra trashy this time.   
Edna Queen

The beautiful black donkey with Ray is Barney. He is really a
gentle one and loves neck rubs
.  Maria

                     Photos by Edna
Thanks to Fire Chief Ken Gossett and firemen Paul Conners, Mike Garcia, Edna Queen and Rebecca Leach for
                                                                         JULY 23 - 24, 2020 Prescribed Burn

On July 23 - 24th, the department conducted a prescribed burn of the community slash pile.  Reducing the fuel load around homes throughout the community helps meet our annual
Firewise fuel reduction goals and reduces our risk of wildfire.  This prescribed burn eliminated about a thousand cubic yards of fuel from our community.  I want to thank the community for
your support of this program and especially to our department members for their hard work conducting the burn.

Ken Gossett DMRVFD Fire Chief                                                                                   
                                                                                  Photos of the Prescribed Burn are now available  -  
Click Here
Photo by Edna Queen