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Davis Mountains Resort Volunteer Fire Department
101-A Yellow Knife Trail, Fort Davis, TX 79734

I am suspending "face-to-face" departmental training to reduce the risk of transmission of the Corona Virus. Our training program will continue via electronic means.
When local, "community spread", is detected our emergency response will be adjusted or suspended as required to maximize firefighter safety.  

Fire Chief Ken Gossett
                                      Fire Chief Report to the DMRVFD members  June 27th 2020

I want to thank you our members for your personal sacrifice to train and provide fire services to the DMR and ranches in our assigned primary service area.  My
report today will be very brief, due to the virus I am cutting this short to reduce our meeting time.

The last year has been a little of the good, the bad, and the ugly ha.  We have had a good year, we have received grants, we have addend new members,
however, this year the Covid19 virus has thrown a monkey wrench into the works.  It will take a while but we eventually get past this current situation.

The department received a fifteen thousand dollar grant last fall to provide (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment. Our departments firefighters have all been
equipped with new fire gear.

Several firefighters attended the fire academy this spring.  One hundred percent of our firefighters have completed basic wildland firefighter training.  

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic the department has suspended its regular face-to-face training meetings.  Department group gatherings have also been
canceled, to reduce the risk of infection.  The fire station has been closed to all group meetings so responding firefighters will enter a virus free zone when
responding to a fire.  In the event of a fire, the station will remain closed to the public, only fire department members will be admitted with mask.

I have been asked about the community burn pile.  In February, the fire department requested that the road crew block access to the slash pile to stop additional
materials from being added to the pile as it was approaching a size that is too big to burn.  That request was refused.  To burn the pile, commissioners court has
to lift the burn ban.  Our burn plan has to be approved by the fire marshal.  There needs to have been several days of over an inch of rainfall or several inches of
snow, and no wind during the burn period.  Currently the burn pile is probably too large to burn as one unit.  Without a lot of rain the next likely burn opportunity
may be this winter if there is sufficient snow.   

The most valuable part of our department is our members.  Stay safe.

Ken Gossett DMR Fire Chief
  JULY 23 - 24, 2020 PRESCRIBED BURN

On July 23 - 24th, the department conducted a prescribed burn of the community slash pile.  Reducing the fuel load around
homes throughout the community helps meet our annual Firewise fuel reduction goals and reduces our risk
of wildfire.  
This prescribed burn eliminated about a thousand cubic yards of fuel from our community.  I want to thank
the community
for your support of this program and especially to our departmen
t members for their hard work conducting the burn.

Ken Gossett DMRVFD Fire Chief

Photos of the Prescribed Burn are now available  -  Click Here
Photos of the July 3 - 5, 2020 Lightning Strike Fire are now available  -  Click Here
Photo by Edna Queen